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SliMoney - Your Next Wallet
Protect Your Wallet
After coming across countless stories of this kind of modern theft, we have perfected a new wallet technology that keeps all your credit cards and debit cards safe from these RFID scanners. SliMoney features a special-purpose aluminum body which blocks the RFID signals and prevents the scanners from accessing the data on your credit cards. This feature-rich wallet is built for the modern user. 
Suitable For Everyone 
The wallet’s cardholder is elastic. This allows it to secure even 1 card, when placed inside it. You don’t necessarily have to place many cards to secure them in place. Whether you use 1 card or many, the wallet keeps them all safe
Plenty of Storage for Cards 
SliMoney features multiple card slots for storing a great many number of cards.

So many slots to fit all your cards
Premium Design and Look
The minimalist look and feel of SliMoney is a real charmer. Add to it the soft and supple feel of the authentic cowhide leather finish on the inside, and you have the ultimate winner of a wallet. Its classy design looks stunning and feels heavenly.
The all-metal body of the wallet is designed for tough usage. It will survive the elements, years of usage, and regular wear and tear with ease. SliMoney is built to last.
SliMoney – The Next-Gen, RFID Blocking Wallet That Keeps All Your Cards Safe and Secure Even When You are In Crowded Places!
Imagine being able to prevent thefts even before they happen. That would be fascinating, right? Perhaps, you are wondering – that’s what the police is for. Well, how many times have the police been able to catch pickpockets and return the stolen wallets? Almost zero. 
Now, there are new kinds of thieves in the market. These thieves make use of ultra-modern, portable RFID scanners that read your credit cards and debit cards even without touching them. So, these supersmart thieves hold the RFID scanners near you and simply walk away with all your credit and debit card data.
They go home, steal all your money, and transfer it to their accounts. And, there’s nothing you can do about it. Hundreds of thousands of people fall victims to this kind of theft worldwide! Now, the real question is – are you safe from those thieves? You can be! 
Build for the Traveler in You
If you spend plenty of time outdoors, then you know that your chances of coming across thieves with RFID scanners are quite high. They are everywhere – hotels, train stations, shopping malls, footpaths, and pretty much every place that is crowded. 

That person who is standing behind you on the escalator might have an RFID scanner in his pocket. It could be the person who just passed by you when you were entering a store. RFID scanning takes hardly any time. 

So, you won’t even know when it happens to you. Don’t fall victim to something that’s perfectly avoidable. Don’t let these thieves ruin your life by stealing all the money in your bank accounts and credit cards. Get your SliMoney RFID-blocking wallet today
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